Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watch out ballet, here comes Mikaiah!

         Mikaiah's been wearing tutu's and leotards for over a year now and her ballet shoes are almost worn out.  She's plied and curtsied and twirled and leapt through our little house to the sounds of the Nutcracker on almost a daily basis for months.  Taught only by her own imagination and what she's seen on Angelina Ballerina, Mikaiah was made for ballet - at least in spirit.  In actuality she is about as light footed as an elephant (just like her mother) but unlike myself, she still manages an essence of grace and it truly brings joy to my heart to watch her dance.  She loves to dance to worship music, Nutcracker music, country music (believe it or not that is her papa's influence, though he might not admit it) and slow rock from the earl 90's.  
      She has been talking about ballet lessons forever but I was a little unsure if she would actually like them once she went or if it would be a let down since it was so built up in her mind, loved it!  With her good friend Elowen in tow the two of them took on this class twirling and leaping with the utmost of enthusiasm - so much so that Amelia and I were trying not to laugh (not very successfully I might add) almost the whole time.  We were the only parents who seemed to have this problem, but at least they didn't kick us out - yet.  Can't wait for next week!

I needn't have feared, she

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