Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A lovely Autumn day

This morning I took a turn on babysitting duty, with Claire and Milo Walton hanging out for a few hours with Mikaiah and myself.
With the rain falling outside and the babies sleeping inside Claire and I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. What a good decision! =) She put on Mikaiah's apron (which she is too small for) and I put on mine, and we went to work. She was especially good at cleaning the spoons! So fun!
Later Norma and her girls stopped by to pick some stuff up and visit, and then after a short errand with the girls, Norma dropped them off again while she went shopping. So with Mikaiah on nap #2 by this time, Claire, Charis, Ella, Milo and I cuddled on my bed and read books, though Milo did more squirming than cuddling - though he was getting tired. I don't mind the rain on days like this, it was really rather delightful to hear it on the roof. Also, earlier the girls had put on their rain boots and were watching the rain smear their sidewalk chalk as they used it on the front patio.
After they all left Mikaiah and I put on our cute raincoats (a cute raincoat is essential to living in Oregon, and enjoying the rain - whether you are six months old or 28 years old!) and I put on my cute rain boots (also essential, though Mikaiah is too small for rainboots yet - and since she can't walk, that's okay.) and we went out for some errands, only to return later and drink so lovely tea while my husband made me an amazing grilled chicken/cheese/sauerkraut sandwich.
What a nice day I had. I just love Autumn!

Monday, October 3, 2011

September past

This September was suppose to be a month to slow down after a crazy summer, but it seemed more like a whirlwind trying to play catch-up with all the stuff we didn't do in summer! It was fun though. We have not been home on the weekend for at least three weeks now, helping re-roof the generator shed at Drift Creek, then hanging out in Bend with the Stumbo's (so fun!) and then leaving for Californina (just Mikaiah and I) the very next morning for Amber's Wedding.
Liana Stone, Teal Lewis, and I all road tripped down to Newcastle, CA for the wedding of our child hood friend, Amber. What a great week to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones. It really was a blessing being able to hang out, help get ready (a little), and just be there.
After driving through the night after the wedding and just kind of sleeping most of the morning/early afternoon yesterday I should be ready to whip this (very messy) house into shape...maybe after an episode of Survivor. What's the hurry?