Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick review of my life as of late.

The longer I go without posting a blog, the harder it is to write one, maybe I'm just getting out of practice - or perhaps there is both way too much and at the same time not enough to write about. What I mean is, to fill you in on all that is going on in my life would take pages and pages, and would bore you to tears, and yet to tell you what is going on this week (though being much shorter) would also cause you to lose interest (is it gone already?)
Anyway, I'll do my best to highlight points of interest in outline form, just to keep things simple.
Work- going well, the babies are almost 9 months old, I can hardly believe it! They're doing great, (other than the cold I gave them last week!) Will and Lydia are almost crawling - Will even sits up all by himself, and Clara has started rolling over (finally!)
Roommate - LOVE her! Beth is awesome, I have so much fun hanging out and just being together. She always finds ways to encourage and bless me.
Church- My church "city church" (used to be "oasis") has gone through a lot of changes lately(name change, location change, people leaving, etc.) but I'm really excited about it over all- it's always so sad to see people go, but I understand it - well, somewhat.) I truly believe their (the pastoral staff) hearts and visions are in the right place - truly following Jesus is not often very popular or easy, when you really get down to it, but it's the only way to go!
Bend - beautiful as always, if not having some tempermental weather changes (sun warm, snow, sun cold, rain, fog, etc. and that can all be in one day!)
Significant other- hehe. I actually have one. He's pretty much amazing! (of course!) Seth is an amazing blessing in my life, I am so grateful for him! Our first "unofficial" date was snowshoeing up Tumalo mountain, so you know he's gotta be a keeper!
Youth Group Girls-They are so much fun, they keep me young (or at least I use them as an excuse!) and continually teach me so much!
Misc.-I've been reading several amazing books, most recently "The irresistable revolution" (not a book for those who don't want to be challenged and grow.)
Yeah, so that's about it for now. (Hope I didn't bore you too much!)