Monday, June 9, 2014

For my dad, for all that you do.

    Tomorrow is my father's Birthday.  We won't however be doing anything special for it, at least not with him because he is either traveling to or currently working on a ship on some far off ocean, but he will be thought of on this day, as with most days.
       My poor father has always kind of got jipped when it comes to Birthdays, since his falls close to father's day we usually just "bunch them all together" which most of the time amounts to doing very little for either.   My father however is a very practical man who just shrugs his shoulders and brushes it off.  What was he going to do with yet another set of screwdrivers from his youngest daughter anyway? Wait for her to borrow them and then lose them? Most likely.  One thing I have found though is that when it comes to "it's the thought that counts" when it comes to my dad, that really seems to be true. So dad, this posts for you.
    When I was a child I adored my dad (still do by the way.)  I would wait for him to come home from work and play catch with me or attempt to beat him at a game of gin rummy.  I loved to go for bike rides with him or try to convince him once again that it was my turn to go out for breakfast on Saturday (it usually worked.)   As I got older he was always the one I went to when my car broke down or when I needed someone to go canoeing with.  If I had any questions about the bible or just needed encouragement, he was there.   My father has always worked a lot of hours, and has often traveled a fair bit for work, but when I thought of my father I never thought of the things he missed but rather the things he was there for.  It takes a lot of energy and a lot of sacrifice to give of yourself so much and to really be there for your wife and kids, even after a very long day.  Even as a child I remember appreciating him help me with the dishes even though he hadn't come home until 7:30 at night.
     The older I got the more I started to think of a future spouse and found many of the attributes I wanted in a man were already found in my father.  As it turns out I did indeed marry an amazing man with many of these same qualities.  Thank you dad for being such a great example of a loving and faithful husband and father.  I will always be grateful for both of my amazing parents who really did a great job raising the four of us.
     Now that I have children of my own I find it pure joy to watch my father connect with his own grandchildren - my two as well as my niece and nephew.  He loves to spend time with all of them, even as babies.  I don't know a lot of men who are more than willing to tote a fussy infant around in a baby carrier for hours on end, circling the campground over and over in order to soothe one unhappy little girl, but he was.  There is also no doubt who will be making breakfast when we come over for the weekend - Mikaiah is very likely his number one pancakes fan! 
    My mother is one of the most giving, compassionate, loving people I know but she doesn't do it alone.  You may not see him, or hear him, but behind almost every fundraiser donation, fixed set of quizzing lights, or week my mother spends at bible quiz Nationals, he is there.  He is my mother's biggest fan and source of support and she could not do half of what she does without him, and she knows it.  That's what makes it so beautiful.  They are a truly great team working together to show the Love of the Lord to many.  Thank you mom and dad, I love you both.  Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Father's day too,  I hope they're good ones even though you're worlds away.  Can't wait until your return!

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