Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mikaiah my sweet little experimenter

My daughter is creative. My daughter is curious. She is energetic, experimental, hilarious, thoughtful and always wants to help.  She's not afraid to get dirty and jumps right into things.  In a word, she is two (almost 3.)  I love all these things about her, until the moment I don't.  Today we have had many of those moments.  Actually, even in those moments I still love those things about her, they just exhaust me sometimes!  It's not even 10 am and I feel like throwing in the towel for the day (that even with my younger daughter asleep!) 
      In an hour or so I am going to pick up my friends three little girls to have a play date all day (she watched mine on Monday) and I decided to make play dough for the girls to play with.  I got out the gluten free flour (they can't have gluten in their house due to sensitive allergies) and went to put Sequoia to bed, when I came back Mikaiah said "ooh, it's so soft!"  I look over and she has dumped my whole bag of gluten free flour onto my pot on the stove (overflowing into all the burners - at least they weren't on.)  If you have ever purchased this kind of flour you will understand this cost me more than a mess and a couple cups of flour!  Arrrgh!  I had Mikaiah go take a time out and when she came out she said to me (in a regretful tone) "I'm sorry I was so funny."  Children really do look at things differently then we do. 
       As the morning progressed she got flour all over the carpet and play dough everywhere, but every time I would start to get mad I would look at her and realize she's not trying to be a pest, and she had a good attitude, she just wanted to help and have fun.  That doesn't mean I didn't get frustrated, I did, but I took a lot of deep breathes and turned on some worship music.  All the time pondering "how do I support my daughter and her curiosity without just throwing in the towel and letting her take over the house?"  I have lots of ideas of how to do this outside, but on cold days like today in our little house it seems like the battle never ends.  I don't have an easy answer for this one, I don't really think there is one, at least not one I like, but I do think that continuing to come to the Lord as I clean the counter (again) and pull out the vacuum once more and asking him to help me Love my daughter as he loves me, unrelentingly is where I always need to end up.  I do have Mikaiah help me clean her messes but at this age it still takes more energy for me to do this than to have her do it herself, though I believe one day it will all work out. 
       Now that I have had a few moments to refresh I need to go pick up those girlies, I believe this is going to be a good day - I have to!  I also believe we will be outside for much of it, cold or not!

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Barb Hersom said...

Oh Michelle I can totally relate!! It's awesome that you were able to step back out of the situation for a moment and look at it through God's eyes. I can't wait to meet this special girl, in fact all three special girls.