Monday, February 3, 2014

Growing up

I love watching Mikaiah grow up. I never tire of seeing her learn something new, she amazes me everyday.  I get excited just thinking about what she might learn next.   I can't wait for her to ride a bike, read, and clean her room on her own. =) But though there is much for her to learn, there is so much she already knows that I hope she never forgets.  She is quick to apologize when she's done something wrong and even quicker to deal out forgiveness.  She shares like a a pro and finds joy in it (most of the time.)  She takes joy in the little things, whether it's dancing ballet in the living room or swinging at the park.  She never stays mad for long and doesn't dwell on things for more than an hour or less.  She is super creative and loves to paint and draw and isn't hindered by fear of failure.  She knows what she likes to do and isn't afraid to do it.  She is never too shy to deal out compliments and hugs.
    I think we could all learn a lot if we took lessons from two year olds, I know I do. 

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