Thursday, February 21, 2013

Almost Spring

This past week or so has been a full one.   With last thursday being the prettiest day we have had so far this year, as well as being Valentine's day, I really can't complain.  Mikaiah and I worked and played hard in the yard all morning and then went to a fun kids Valentine's party at Norma's house in the afternoon.  That evening Seth and I had a lovely stay at home date where we ordered pizza, relaxed and simply enjoyed one another's company. Perfect! 
    On friday I drove to McMinnville to visit my sister Ardith who was visiting from Seattle, and together with my parents, Mikaiah, and a family friend we drove to Beacon rock to do some hiking.  Unfortunately when we got there we discovered the trail was closed due to a rock slide earlier this year. Bummer.  At least we were able to find a pretty hike to some waterfalls nearby which made the 2 1/2 hour drive worth it, mostly. =)  
      Seth joined us at my parents house that evening and we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and enjoying family.  My mother even kept Mikaiah with her until tuesday so I could get some projects done around the house, which (with only a little procrastinating) I did do, and it felt good to get some stuff done that I had been putting off.
      And yesterday I spent some time reflecting, as it was the due date of the child I lost last July.  I miss not knowing that child, but I do not have any regrets, for I know he/she is in a better place and I will meet them one day.  I believe it is an extreme mercy that the Lord has given us, and that child, and it is not for me to know from what, but to simply trust that the Lord is good and he knows more than we do and he does what is good for his children, for us AND for that child, and I am grateful.  And with another little one due at the end of June how could I wish for this child to not be?  No, I don't wish that.  I simply wish a happy birthday to the child of mine that I will not know in this life, but I trust that I will know someday.  God is good.  All the time.  And I am thankful.

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