Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life these days

     As fall has completely taken over and the leaves now litter the ground, accompanied by drizzling days and gusty winds, Mikaiah and I find ourselves inside much more often.  Probably too often.  I know I've cooped my daughter up too much when (usually around 4 or 4:30) she decides to put on her rain coat and rain boots and plays with the door handle - okay, even I can take a hint!  I have enjoyed our short yet slow walks as she discovers splashing in mud puddles and tries to pick up leaves (as she's stepping on them.)  I forget how different the outdoors looks in the fall compared to the summer, it's so fun to watch her explore it.
    Besides lazing about and taking walks about the neighborhood, this past week my dear friend Amelia got possession of her new house (a sweet mobile home about 100 ft from ours) so we've been busy tearing out carpet, pulling staples and getting ready for new flooring and new paint.  It's been a busy week, but rewarding.  It will be neat to see Amelia and her daughter Elowen installed in their new home!  

    Right now I'm just trying to enjoy this time before the craziness of holiday's begins and looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew, my brother, and sister in law and sister all this weekend in Seattle for my nieces second birthday.  How fun now that Mikaiah and Verity (not to mention Owen) are getting old enough to start playing together!

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