Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn is coming...

      I like summer. I like camping on long weekends, sitting around the campfire laughing with friends.  I like berry picking and fresh produce from the garden.  I like vacations that let me visit with friends and family I don't normally see, and I like going to weddings and celebrating new lives beginning together.  But I just LOVE Autumn.  The smell of change in the air.  The slightly cooler breeze that stirs the leaves in the trees on sunny afternoons.  I Love the way life takes on a new rythm again that was once lost in the chaos of summer.  I love taking out my winter sweaters and greeting them as old friends (even if I only wear them in the house with the AC on - at first at least!)  I love sipping tea and reading a book on a comfy couch or making applesauce.  You can still go camping or go for "one last swim" on a warm autumn day.  Maybe what I love about fall so much is that it makes me savor the things of Summer I know I'm going to miss, and helps me get excited for the things winter will bring. What a perfect transitioner Autumn is.  But before we get too far into this Autumn season, I do have to (of course) post some pictures of my recent journey South of the (Oregon) border.

    I just returned from a wonderful visit to the San Diego area with my mother, sister, daughter.  We were able to visit my mother's parents as well as my lovely cousin Abby, Uncle Vic, and second(?) cousin Christina.  We were able to balance some nice hang out and relax time along with a trip to the Zoo (in 106 degrees) and a trip to Coronado Beach.  But it's nice to be home, getting back into the swing of things and enjoying some slightly cooler weather. 

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