Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mother!

Today is my mother's 63rd Birthday.  She is a wonderful woman.  I could take 100 pages and not say all the wonderful things that make up my mother, and there would still be more to say.  I could tell you how generous, caring, loyal, encouraging, thoughtful, self-sacraficing she is, but today as I was looking at my lovely daughter Mikaiah and marveling at what an amazing little girl she is turning out to be, I realized that without my mom and all she's done, she would not be here.  Not just physically, though of course that's true too, but if my mom had not poured into me for years and years (and still continues to) what it means to be a good parent, I would not be able to (unperfectly as I am) do that for my daughter.  So today I just want to say thanks.  And also a thanks to my grandmother who poured that into my mother as well. I'm really, truly blessed.  Happy Birthday Mother! You are loved!

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