Friday, November 11, 2011

Thoughts on people and our interactions with them, and the difference these make.

      This last week or so I've been thinking a lot about how we impact people, and how we (specifically as Christians) make a difference in people's lives.  I think for a long time I've somehow felt that if I don't have a deep conversation with someone about Christ and what he's done in my life, or something like that than I'm not really reaching people or making a difference.  (Which would be pretty depressing, because I haven't had all that many of those conversations in my life.)
     Lately though, I've been realizing how all the little interactions we have with people everyday can make a big difference.  I just realized that the reason that these little interactions count so much is because they're not just "little nothings" but they're the things that prepare the soil-or that destroy it.      
     Whether you are a Christian or not, I believe that every interaction you have with a person affects them, some more than others, but these are the things that shape how people view others, how they view themselves and the world around them.  Just like I know that I've been affected both by curt, but rude responses as well as a helping hand, a friendly smile, or just a friendly stranger striking up a conversation with me.
       Yesterday I was walking home from downtown and there was a lady walking about 20 feet behind me for about fifteen minutes, after this time she closed the gap and started chatting with me.  We had comfortable banter for a few minutes, exchanged names and realized that she works really close to where I live. Then I reached my street and we went separate ways. I was affected by her.  I also realized that if I had made an attempt (which would not have taken much) to close the gap sooner, we might have had an even deeper interaction. And if I had been praying throughout the day or even our meeting about times like that, who knows what would have happened.  I don't know if I'll ever see her again (with most small interactions, we probably won't see them again) but I'm beginning to see that that does not necessarily matter.  Even if I'm just the rain on some flowers (or on some dry ground) I can (with Christ in me) make a positive difference in someones life- everyday.  Or I can just have dozens of dozens of indifferent meetings that are completely unremarkable, every week.  This is no revelation to many of you, but somehow I feel freed by it.  I am not called to be in relationship with every person on whom I will impact.  And somehow this seems to make those relationships I am called to be in, seem so much sweeter.

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Yamhill County Diaper Ministry said...

I so agree with this. I think this is the way we're called to live our lives!