Thursday, March 5, 2009


So last weekend was pretty freakin' awesome, if I do say so myself. (smile!) I drove over to Silverton, Oregon for the leadership conference on Friday night and spent a great two days surrounded by amazing people, encouraging words, and a good atmosphere. (Whatever that means!) All in all, though a little exausting, it was nice. Then on Saturday night I drove to my parents house and then spent the day in Sheridan (Sunday) going to Open Door (surrounded by people who "didn't know anything about the possiblity of Seth proposing, I'm sure") There lack of knowledge or assumptions was shown in many ways (winks, slaps on the back, and knowing smiles. haha. You've gotta love it! Anyway, that afternoon after spending a couple of hours at Seth's parents house we drove to Portland. (The Cambodia team of Mandate students was staying up there Sunday night at my brother's house, since there flight left early Monday morning. So Seth and I drove up before they did (Seth was their ride to the airport) and we stopped at a coffee shop on Hawthorne near Mt. Tabor, took our coffee to go and decided to walk up to the top. This was a great idea, but for stability challenged people such as myself, apparently walking up a hill, drinking coffee (even with a lid) and holding a conversation, this can prove to be too much (even for great multi-taskers such as myself, perhaps adding one more element like holding one of the triplets would have made me better at it, who knows.) Anyway, I ended up spilling about a quarter of my cup of coffee (i know, how awful is that?) and this was good coffee, so though Seth offered to hold my cup for me (show off - his was perfectly un-spilled) I was determined to drink it (while hot - it would be a clear waste not to.) So (being a sensible person) I saw the futility of continuing on the path we were on (walking, drinking coffee, talking) and decided to sit down and drink the rest. There was a convenient retaining wall between two houses which made a fine bench to sit on (apprently looking out over Portland - since we were on a hill, but for some reason I don't remember the view. I just noticed my coffee, an rv parked to the left of us, and of course, my companion.) He told me later it was a nice view, and I'm sure it was. haha. Anyway, we sat there talking for a while, then he turned toward me and asked me if I would marry him! I (of course being so calm and collected -not) gave out a little shriek of an answer (which he said he didn't hear) and hugged him (but being smart as he is, he took it for a yes. I confirmed this later with a more clearly pronounced "yes.") Then he pulled out the ring, which (amazingly) fit perfectly. Wow. That's cool. (He hadn't gotten my ring size or anything, but was just planning on sizing it later.) Anyway, then we walked the rest of the way up Mt. Tabor and around the resevoir and gorgeous view (just in time for a beautiful sunset and great view of Portland at night.) It was perfect. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be marrying this amazing man (who was right under my nose for years - like 12 years actually!) and didn't even know it! So, for those of you who will be around Amity, OR August 8th, you should come join us for a sweet celebration (that would be our wedding.)


Leilani said...

i am seriously so happy for you! i hope i can come on the 8th. you're amazing and i miss you.

Megan said...

Um, that was so sweet!!! So happy for you!!

I will try my hardest to come to the wedding!! :)