Monday, March 3, 2008

bon voyage

So after all the planning and saving and researching, the day finally came when three of my wonderful friends (two together and one with a group) left for some amazing adventures...on two different continents! My cousin Abby is leaving with the Mandate School to go to Cambodia for a month (I think) helping teach English and sharing the gospel! How cool is that? While at the same time, my two wonderful friends Alycia and Julie are heading for a wonderful European Adventure (Czech, Italy, Austria, France, and England!) and meeting up with my own dear brother Andrew! Have fun you all! and be safe! Meanwhile, I'm staying here, but don't feel sorry for me, I have tons of fun stuff planned (not that I wouldn't love to be going, but we can't win them all!)

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Amanda said...

Hey Michelle! Thanks for stopping by the puritanpen and for leaving some great recommendations. I posted some pictures for you. Swing by again!