Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The other day Fletcher, the 3 year old I watch, was over at my house when he asked me "why don't you have any toys?" I replied "because I don't have children." He then asked "why don't you have children?" And to answer as simply as possible, I said "because I'm not married." After a minute he asked, "will you get married?" "Maybe, someday." I responded. "And have kids?" he asked. "Probably." I said. And then he said, animatedly "and THEN you'll have TOYS?!?" I had to laugh. "Yes, then I'll have toys." "YES!" He answered.
Today I bought some toys and put them in my house. For some things there are easier solutions!


randy said...

If only lifes problems were all resolved this easily! Maybe all you need to do is go visit the "husband store"! Just be sure to make your choice before you get to the top floor!

Jen said...

oh i love that story!