Thursday, September 27, 2007

temper TANTRUM uggh.

Reece, the two year old.

i love my job. i love the kids i watch. i love the family i work for. but as i found myself running down a hill barefoot this evening with a two year old on my hip chasing a five year old (who was a whole block ahead of me chasing after her parents who had left on a bike ride) i wasn't loving it. first of all, for the previous fifteen minutes before this moment she (carly, the five year old) had been yelling, crying, and fighting (physically) with her parents trying to get them not to leave. finally they just left and this scene came about. ugh. as i realized i could not easily overtake her, and, if i did, would not have an easy time getting her back to the house, i ran back to get my car. as i approached the car (breathless and still rather ticked off, and worried about her at the same time - i couldn't see her, but knew she was running as fast as she could down the hill) a construction worker who was working on a nearby house offered a friendly smile and said hi, unfortunately due to my mood and circumstances i'm afraid i only glared at him before running the rest of the way. finally i did catch up with her, got her in the car, and proceeded to have a very nice (if not hectic) rest of the evening. children. not sure i want any of my own at the moment. ever. hehe. i'm sure i'll change my mind eventually, but it might be safer if i didn't.

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